About Us

Who We Are

We invite you to join us for a seat at the table.

Our Vision

We are committed to sustaining legacies in the culinary industry

Black Restaurant Week, LLC founded the Feed the Soul Foundation to continue its mission of creating sustainable culinary businesses in the community. Our goal is to impact over 50 restaurants nationwide each year. The strategy is to provide ongoing business mentorship for applicants in our programs. Ensure economic development by offering stipends to applicants that need financial assistance, and advocate for food justice by working with marginalized entrepreneurs so they can thrive.

Our Difference

What Makes us Unique


We look to the future in an unpredictable industry to develop initiatives that promote sustainability and growth.


We focus on the often unseen and unheard marginalized communities, talent, and businesses within the culinary industry.


We amplify the voices and stories of the overlooked voices within this multifaceted industry.

Our Focus

Foundation Objectives

Feed the Soul Foundation will support marginalized culinary business owners by providing training, consultation, and partnership with culinary experts from across the country. Feed the Soul Foundation classifies marginalized business owners as Black, Latinx, and Indigenous professionals who may also be marginalized in other ways including, LGBTQIA+, senior citizens, military combat veterans, hearing, visually, and physically challenged persons, and formerly incarcerated individuals.
Feed the Soul Foundation’s partnership with culinary entrepreneurs will foster sustainable business growth through education and accountability. Feed the Soul Foundation’s Restaurant Business Development Fund, is to designed to benefit our award winners’ businesses in the following ways:

Equip business owners with business development training and consultation services. Improve and optimize operations.


Increase access to essential resources such as programming, funding, and technology.


Support the growth and expansion of marginalized entrepreneurs’ culinary businesses to create economically sustainable communities across the US.


Invest in workforce training for employees of culinary businesses, including courses in customer service, Human Resources, food styling, and business expansion.

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