Soul Sessions


Virtural seminars hosted by industry experts designed to grow your business

Soul Sessions are virtual webinars hosted by Feed the Soul Foundation through our Grow With Google partnership. These events allow culinary business owners worldwide to spend an hour learning and engaging with industry experts as they share their knowledge on various topics related to the culinary industry.

The historical and systemic barriers that marginalized groups face directly impact their growth, overall success, and sustainability. These marginalized communities are more often than not Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people who may also be marginalized in other areas, including senior citizens, formerly incarcerated individuals, those who are hearing, visually, and physically challenged, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

In 2021, we launched our inaugural Restaurant Business Development Program cohort of 25 businesses from across the United States, but this group represents only 6% of our application pool. To ensure our reach is vast, we launched our Soul Sessions series, which allows businesses across the globe to learn from industry experts.


Start Up Budgeting for Restaurants

Aja Beard |

Human Resources

How to Build an Amazing Team

Rachel Ramsey |


Messaging Mindset: Your Brand Identity

Toni S. Brown |

Discovering Your Brand

Casey Snipes |

Leveraging a Rebrand to Position You
For Success

Teaira Abston |


Business Expansion & Franchising 101

Julian Boyd


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