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Helping culinary businesses thrive in marginalized communities

Feed the Soul Foundation’s is mission to dismantle food injustice by working with marginalized entrepreneurs to ensure that local neighborhood restaurants obtain financial assistance, educational training, and equitable opportunities.

We support business growth for BIPOC-owned culinary businesses. Our goal is to impact over 50 restaurants nationwide each year.

We’re excited to establish a fund valued at $15,000 for any culinary development support for your business.

2021 Cohort member: Bushwick Grind and 67 Orange Street (l-r) | Credit:

We are excited for our 2021 Cohort! Meet a few of the recipients. Click here to learn more about them.

Making Change

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Help connect businesses around the nation with access to funds, experts, and countless other business-related resources.

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Join the Restaurant Business Development Program, an accelerator program for business support and on-hand training.

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We need your support, advocacy, and expertise to prepare our program winners for the culinary industry. Nominate someone, or apply today!

Our Impact

Building economic sustainability for the BIPOC culinary community

We support and advocate for BIPOC culinary restaurant owners looking to build economic sustainability in the culinary community. Reimagining food justice by working with community partners, consultants, and corporations to make intentional programming that will support marginalized business owners to thrive. Our programs help restaurants thrive.


Since COVID-19, approximately 90,000 restaurants and bars have closed during the pandemic. (Source: Independent Restaurant Coalition)


The COVID-19 pandemic has cost restaurants and bars over $280 billion in sales. (Source: Independent Restaurant Coalition)

2021 Cohort member: Caribbean Feast | Credit:

Building sustainable businesses

The Feed the Soul Foundation supports marginalized and underrepresented entrepreneurs in the culinary industry through business development, financial support, and mentorship opportunities.

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