Black Restaurant Week, LLC founded the Feed the Soul Foundation to continue it’s mission of creating sustainable culinary businesses in the community.

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Our Mission

Helping culinary businesses grow

Black Restaurant Week, LLC established the Feed the Soul Foundation to aid marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry with business development resources and support in order to foster sustainable business growth.

Our Objectives

The Feed the Soul foundation will support marginalized culinary business owners. The Feed the Soul Foundation classifies marginalized business owners as people of color, LGBTQIA+, senior citizens, military combat veterans, hearing, visually, and physically challenged persons, and formally incarcerated individuals. The goal of the Restaurant Business Development Fund is to benefit their businesses in the following ways:

  • Equip marginalized business owners with business development training and consultation services to improve their business operations.
  • Increase access to business resources including programming, funding, and technology to support marginalized entrepreneurs.
  • Support the growth and expansion of marginalized entrepreneurs culinary businesses to create economically sustainable communities.
  • Invest in workforce training to employees of culinary businesses with marginalized business owners.